Thakrars of the World: Introduction

It is incredible how large the Thakrar family tree has grown. With over 1,700 names, and new members being added every week, it’s clear that the Thakrar community reaches all corners of the world.

I want to create a space for Thakrar family members to share their achievements and those of their family. What makes them who they are, where they started in life and what makes them tick.

I’ve therefore decided to start the Thakrars of the World series of articles, based on the popular Humans of New York theme – but this is only possible with users like yourselves submitting articles and pictures. I’ll aim to publish these every 2-3 months depending on demand.

The first article will be one penned by my late father, Arvind Vithaldas Thakrar, who is the creator of this website and the family tree.

Please use the link below to make your article submissions and I will be in touch with you as soon as possible to get it published.

Make a submission for the Thakrars of the World series

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